Europe Is Getting Cloud Fever, Too

Just like all hosting, the cloud is powered by ground-level machines and housed climate-cooled data centers across the globe. Silicon Valley-based Equinix, Inc. announced last week that Equinix Cloud Exchange will be available in new markets across Europe, in particular Dublin, Milan, and Stockholm.

This almost couldn’t come at a better time as a digital transformation has taken over  the European economy. The major catalyst? The cloud. The European Commission reported that “the huge potential of the digital economy is underexploited in Europe, with 41% of enterprises being non-digital, and only two percent taking full advantage of digital opportunities.” The (cloud) apple is ripe for picking.

For the first time, enterprises throughout Europe will have a physical connection to the major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, and the Microsoft Ecosystem) and take advantage of private cloud connectivity.  

Read more about Europe getting cloud fever on TMCnet.

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