IT Consumption in the Cloud Evolution

Unlike almost every industry, the history of digital and cloud computing has a large paper trail, with the seismic shifts really beginning in the 1980s with the first local area networks (LAN), followed by the proliferation of PCs, first, and then laptops and mobile devices. Now, in 2017, we’re clearly in the heyday of of the cloud.

The question remains: How will the cloud be used in the future? McKinsey Insights surveyed large organizations across multiple industries in Europe and North America to learn about their upcoming plans for cloud adoption. What they found was that, instead of building services on it, the current trend is IT consumption. In other words, instead of building on-premise cloud environments and private networks, enterprises prefer to use managed service providers (MSP) to help aided by offsite private cloud providers (including Amazon Web Services). With almost 80% of off-premise workloads to be handed off to the cloud by the end of 2017, it’s no wonder that the cloud is making IT more accessible for enterprises of all sizes.

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