A Clear Windshield: Cloud-Powered Business Intelligence

Warren Buffett once said that “in business, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” With the vast amounts of data being generated worldwide (conservative estimates place the number of daily data creation at 2.5 quintillion bytes), the growing field of business intelligence (“BI”) is attempting to make that windshield just as clear as the rearview mirror through the use of powerful, cloud-powered data analytics tools.

While the term business intelligence has been around for almost half a century, the need for in-depth data analytics has skyrocketed over the past decade (not so coincidentally with the rise of the cloud). In BI’s nascent years, BI professionals were tethered to rudimentary, often self-built tools to sift through data on an enterprise’s private servers. The introduction of the cloud to the business intelligence tool kit has provided a multitude of new opportunities for data scientists, including allowing them to have all their data accessible from one location. The major cloud providers have recognized the big data efforts of enterprises by both building out data analytics tools of their own alongside fostering a growing market for third-party business intelligence tools and dashboards. Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, has provided 8 tools of their own (including the popular data warehouse Amazon Redshift) and with nearly four hundred BI software solutions that have the power to automate, orchestrate, and transform data into actionable pieces of business knowledge. For forward-thinking enterprises, those data-driven findings may ensure the success of their next big project.

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