Can Hyperscaling Compete with the Cloud?

 A new concept called web-scale networking, commonly referred to as hyperscale, it competing with the cloud to bring more speed and operational efficiency to  enterprises’ sites and apps worldwide. At its most simplistic definition, hyperscale is a set of technology and skills that offers a flexibility and cost potential that some have compared to what major public cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) have to offer.  

Despite its vast potential, a hyper scaled infrastructure solution cannot compete with the cloud itself, as potential pitfalls and challenges make it a poor choice for most enterprises looking to improve their infrastructure. Minor missteps can have massive repercussions. By shunning AWS, an enterprise is also saying no to the hundreds of innovative AWS add-on services (like container management or data analytics, to name a few) that do wonders for their competitors. Even worse, security becomes entirely an in-house manner, with the IT team entirely responsible for points of failure, security breaches of sensitive data, or crippling downtime. These are just a few of the many trade-offs an enterprise faces when making the choice to hypercale, and often it is wiser and more efficient to take advantage of AWS’ many resources and services as opposed to building an entire infrastructure (again) in house.

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