Best Practices for Data Security in the Cloud

The cloud, in its many forms, has permeated workflows worldwide. For most enterprises, the main question regarding cloud migration has changed from “if” to when.” While security is less of a concern due to the cloud’s well-regarded security measures, when data lives in multiple places (like private clouds, public clouds, and on local servers), keeping it secure is a larger challenge than most people think.

Fortunately, there are a variety of best practices that cloud adopters can use to avoid possible security issues. First, security and compliance are some of the major benefits that enterprises are experiencing by utilizing a managed service provider. By leveraging the expertise of a MSP, small and medium enterprises are able to focus more on business operations than worrying about the IT costs. Second, doing due diligence, such as asking thorough questions upon implementation and conducting regular audits, can have a massive impact as to proper cloud safety and utilization. And finally, ensuring that the enterprise is not utilizing shadow IT solutions to power their digital transformation can prevent data from leaking into unwanted areas.

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