Balancing Apps on the Cloud or On-Premises

It sounds easy: When a company is ready to migrate their apps to the cloud, they take inventory and just have to assess which ones would be ideal for the migration.

If only it was that simple. While it makes sense for enterprises of all sizes to leverage the cloud, app and data compliance is a critical factor before making the migration. Unsurprisingly, the results aren’t the same for every organization.

For apps that are duplicative on the cloud (i.e. GDocs, O365, Dropbox), there are recognizable gains to be made in both performance and operational efficiency, an easy win for the IT department. But legal and physical compliance can create bottlenecks for companies, particularly with on-premise data. For example, governmental or financial organizations may be governed by statutory regulations that, for security purposes, require citizen/customer data to be held in private data centers. Furthermore, some outdated apps may be so integral to the organization that moving it to the cloud may be counterproductive, despite the IT director’s best wishes. 

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