AWS hits Paris

When it comes to the growing market for cloud services, it should be no surprise that the European market may be be poised for rapid expansion in the next few years. Already a $20 billion market, the core group independent cloud providers is slowly feeling the pressure from the big three (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) who are all looking for ways to be the big fish across the pond.

To that extent, it should be no surprise that AWS is planting more resources and assets on the continent. Paris is AWS’ 18th official region and their 4th in Europe, behind Ireland, London, and Frankfurt. AWS had been in France for 11 years, this is the first time that the whole suite of AWS services will be offered with true local support. While this is as much of a plan to attract new customers throughout Western Europe, this is also is a key move to help service the tens of thousands of small and medium French enterprises (including Societe Generale, Radio Franc, and the SNCF) have already decided to leverage Amazon Web Services for their cloud needs. Crucially, this AWS region is already certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield and compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), ensuring top notch data protection encryption alongside access to monitoring, logging, and encryption tools.

Amazon already has plans to giving access to multiple training resources for French AWS professionals, including the AWS Academy, AWSome days, AWS Educate, and more. For those of you already using AWS in Paris, be sure to RSVP to AWS Meetup #23 to network and get advice from some of your peers.

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