Spring Updates to Grid

At Media Temple, we are committed to only delivering a premium user experience that fully meets our customers’ needs and are constantly improving our solutions to keep them, and our servers, at the forefront of performance. Furthering this commitment, we are about to update almost every aspect of the software that powers Grid, our managed shared hosting offering.

We are excited to announce that, on March 29, we will be upgrading Grid’s operating system from Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy. These upgrades will be rolled out gradually to each Grid cluster over the next several weeks with minimal site and/or app impact. We are also updating Grid clusters one through seven to 64-bit architecture, which means that all users currently on 32-bit OS software will be upgraded to Wheezy’s 64-bit version. All these changes will enhance the security and compatibility of Grid’s core software, including Apache, Python, Git, and Subversion. These upgrades will also pave the way for future Grid features such as PHP7 and HTTP/2 support.

If you are a Grid user and are concerned that you may be impacted by these updates, you can check out the list of known compatibility issues and the full list of changed software packages in this Community article.

As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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