Six Fantastic Apps in the Media Temple Toolbox

Each team at Media Temple uses a variety of tools and tricks to improve and maximize their workflow. We asked each department to come up with a list of some of their favorite apps, plugins, and extensions.

“When I need to focus for extended periods, I use Tomighty, a free Pomodoro timer that runs without distractions.” – Sebastian Boberg, Jr. Software Developer

“When my email inbox overflows, I use Sortd to prioritize the important messages in a quick and organized manner.” – Andrew Wang, Marketing Analyst

“Time flies when I get in a groove at work. I use Tracking Time to not only stay organized but help manage my time spent on my agenda items!” – Mandy Solomon, Sales Coordinator

“Whenever I need to look for typesetting inspiration, LostType is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique typefaces.” – Maggie Tielker, Art Director

“It doesn’t matter what type of content I want to save for later, Pocket will save and sync articles and videos to read or watch on my phone and tablet. I can’t live without it! ” – Victoria Stiles, Sr. Marketing Manager

“When I need a different way of sharing and utilizing my checklists, Overlist escapes the design limitations of modern to-do list apps in a clean and functional fashion.” – Matt McKinley, SEO Manager



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