Media Temple Brings cPanel to the DV

The Media Temple Dedicated Virtual Server (DV) line, our VPS (Virtual Private Server) platform, has been a go-to product for agencies and businesses running critical projects online. Hosting sites from Rip Curl and Red Bull, to some of the biggest names in pop music via mega-agency, The Uprising Creative, the DV’s flexibility and level of control has earned the DV a choice spot among professionals in need of rock-solid hosting.

With uptime and lightning-fast load times at the forefront of our efforts, we’ve focused on keeping this platform competitive and top-of-class, in terms of durability and performance. And Media Temple has worked with Parallels for both our virtualization platform and hosting control panel in Plesk.

Today, we’re very happy to announce that we’re now also offering cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) on the DV. These additional options for control panel and reseller management tools keep the DV as competitive as possible, while offering more powerful admin choices to our VPS customers.

To dig a little deeper into this new offering, here are some FAQ we thought would be helpful. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to use the comments section!

Why did it take so long to add cPanel to Media Temple’s DV and why now?
We have been running Plesk since the earliest iterations of the DV product. This was a logical choice since Plesk integrates with the DV’s virtualization software — both being made by Parallels. Because Plesk has a unique file system and database structure, adding an option for cPanel was never going to be a cut-and-dry operation. It required a detailed approach and a lot of time, energy, and testing to make it happen.

As for the “why now,” the simplest answer is that our customers have been increasingly asking for it. cPanel is a popular control panel option that many of them are already familiar with. Offering two great control panel options just increases the flexibility of the DV. And we like giving our customers more choices!

cPanel is more than a control panel as it comes with WebHost Manager (WHM). Will any additional support for reselling be provided?
Resellers matter very much to us. Both WHM and Plesk offer great tools for resellers, and WHM gives a new layer of management to the reseller experience that will help our high-volume clients support their customers. Watch this tutorial produced by our CloudTech team reviewing the path to setting up WHM on your DV.

Can current Media Temple DV customers switch to cPanel?
Unfortunately, it is not possible for current DV customers to “swap” the Plesk and cPanel templates on a DV service once their server has been configured. If they want to move to a cPanel server, they will need to open a new DV with cPanel, and migrate their sites to the new environment. And, of course, we can assist them in getting a new service up and running. Watch this CloudTech tutorial detailing the process of setting up cPanel on the DV.

Does this affect the DV Developer product at all?
Not at all. The DV Developer is still the flexible, command-line choice for our advanced users.

Will any core product specs change for DV customers?
No. Whether you use cPanel or Plesk, you’ll have the same choices of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth — and the same access to Media Temple’s premium 24/7 support.

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