Our Favorite Contest Entries (So Far)

There’s less than two weeks left in our CSS-Tricks contest and some of the entries have been simply stunning.

Here are some of the entries that have amused us the most, so far. We’ve kept them anonymous to protect the guilty… we mean innocent parties. These submissions aren’t the ‘front-runners’ for the contest, but to be fair, the hilarious nature certainly doesn’t hurt.


I want Chris to move back to Portland. When he arrives at our office, we will immediately chain him to a desk and hold him hostage until he agrees to move to our fair city. Then we’ll head to a local non-profit where we’ll combine forces with employees and Chris to help as much as we can in the six hours we have available.  After that is completed, we’ll go drink microbrews and play retro video games at Ground Kontrol while discussing why SVG is superior.

My colleague has a CSS man crush on him.

I’m remote and on a program called Remote Year. So Chris and I could be chatting while parasailing over a mountain. We could find an armadillo and teach it CSS while eating a taco.

Web interfaces are easy when you are designing web sites. I challenge Chris to, in a working day, come up with a web based tool that can improve a user’s experience while working on a traditional HPC cluster (command line ssh). He gets to decide what problem to tackle, and how to go about doing it.

He could come fix some of the old crappy sites that he built when he worked here.   : )

From Chris’ Flickr set of photos of him in the wild, we can tell that our company, set in Montana, would provide a great day of joy for Chris. He has multiple pictures of himself standing on things looking at lakes and mountains. We too, really enjoy standing on things and looking at lakes and mountains, and we have lots of lakes and mountains here. We would like him to experience a typical day at work at our company, building slick bleeding-edge web sites, and knocking off early to stand on things and look at lakes and mountains.

Are you kidding me? It’s Chris @#$% Coyier?!


Once again, tell us why we should send Chris to your office by February 28 for your chance to win a visit from Chris, a catered lunch, and a year of DV Level 1 from Media Temple. Good luck!

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