2013: A Big Year for (mt) and WordPress

At the end of 2012, (mt) Media Temple made a significant investment in our WordPress involvement in hiring Suzette Franck as our WordPress evangelist. The evangelist role means many things to many people. To us it means making sure we’re teaching and implementing WordPress best practices on the support floor, and in the engineering and product departments here at (mt). It also means generating dedicated instructive resources for the WordPress Community. It’s safe to say 2013 was the biggest year for (mt) in the WordPress community thus far!

2013 WordPress Stats:

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We plan on doubling down in 2014 with more WordCamp involvement, a new (mt) Blog, more content and a brand new WordPress product!
See you in 2014!

About the Author Jason McVearry is a user-first marketing professional focused on developing partnerships, curating and creating content and growing brands through meaningful user interaction. Jason has been working at (mt) Media Temple for more than a decade helping to shape the brand, owns a small, popular food business in Venice Beach, CA and has spent an excessive amount of time in the ocean. More by this Author