Six Essential Photoshop Plugins

Adobe Photoshop is undeniably a powerful tool for designers, graphic artists, and photographers alike. Installing some of these free plugins could help you kickstart your creativity, expedite your design work, and take your Photoshop experience to the next level.

1: GuideGuide
GuideGuide makes using multiple guides in Photoshop incredibly simple. Installing this (free) plugin allows you to utilize pixel-accurate columns, baselines and rows for your next project. Our very own UX design team just swears by it.

2: Flaticon
Ever want a database of thousands of icons at your fingertips? Then head over to Flaticon. This free project, created for and maintained by designers and developers, is one of the largest homes on the net of free icons. Signing up and installing the plugin gives you access to 31,000 icons, all completely scalable and editable.

3: Mr. Stacks
Sometimes you need to create a storyboard, stack, or PDF for clients or a presentation. Mr. Stacks was made to do exactly that. This free script lets you take any image or banner you have created and turn it into a paneled storyboard in only a few seconds.

4: CSS3Ps
One of the most powerful free tools around, CSS3Ps is a free, cloud-based Photoshop plugin that converts your layers into CSS3.  An easy-to-use plugin, all you have to do is select a layer, click the plugin button, and you will be directed to a webpage where the output is generated in CSS3.

5: WebFont
Ever want to try your hand at the world of typography? WebFont makes it easy to dive right in. With access to thousands of fonts from some of the most respected foundries, you can start developing your own font based on a design you like or start from scratch.

6: Creative Market
A catch-all extension, Creative Market grants a large and growing database of design content created by independent designers and developers from all across the world. Design assets of all types (including photos, graphics, templates and fonts) are in the marketplace, many of them free for download.


Many thanks to the Media Temple UX Team for their input in this article.


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