Sep 26, 2014 Design + Creative

Creative Delight – The Beauty of Typography

Creative Delight is a new, monthly selection of images curated by Inspiration Grid in collaboration with Media Temple. Inspiration Grid is a daily-updated gallery celebrating creative talent from around the world that I launched in February 2011.

Today, I wanted to feature 10 truly unique typographic pieces, from hand embroidered letters and 3D type to art installations and wood lettering. Enjoy!

01. Candy Numbers by Massimo Gammacurta

02. Hand Embroidered Typography by MaricorMaricar

03. 3D Typography by Six & Five Studio

04. Typographic Bookshelf by Saori Kajiwara & Matt Innes

05. 3D Typography by David McLeod

06. Wood Lettering by Future Marquetry

07. Creative Typography by Kyle Wilkinson

08. 4D Typography by Lo Siento

09. Pave Environment Graphics by Paula Scher

10. Numbers: 3D Typography by RDN Studio

You can find more typography inspiration on Inspiration Grid.

About the Author Flavio Argemi is a creative director and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years, he has been lucky enough to produce digital solutions for clients including Toyota, Colgate, Palmolive, Target, Honda and Nivea, among others. Flavio is also the creator and curator of Inspiration Grid, a daily-updated online gallery celebrating creative talent from around the world. You can find him on Twitter @flavioargemi and @inspirationgrid. More by this Author