For the most part it’s finding something that I think could work better — like a garment that’s maybe in my everyday life already.

– Matt, Swrve

SWRVE is a Los Angeles cycling apparel company that was almost started by happenstance. When avid cycler Matt couldn’t find a pair of ¾ pants to wear when he rode his bike, he and his partner, Muriel, decided to give it a go and try and make it themselves. And SWRVE was born.

All of SWRVE’s cycling apparel are handcrafted with care by Muriel and Matt and are designed to work better for the bike. The company sources much of the material to design their custom cycling clothes from local Los Angeles fabric fairs.

Relying heavily on samples, Matt and Muriel work together to create everything from abrasion resistant pants with reflective cuffs, to lightweight yet durable shirts and jackets, to gloves that offer good protection when sliding across the hood of cars. Spandex, SWRVE’s products are not.

Watch the video and learn how a pair of elusive pants turned into a cycling apparel company. Made on (mt).

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