Salumeria Italiana

For a former chef, this really feels like I am in heaven. I’m not in the kitchen all day, I’m surrounded by brilliant ingredients and that does my heart good.

– Raymond Gillespie, Head Chef

“Boston’s Best Italian Grocery” was started 50 years ago by Erminio and Vanda Maringetti. Vanda was pregnant at the time and the husband and wife wanted real Italian food to feed their coming baby. So together they opened Salumeria Italiana – a Boston food destination whose passionate and experienced employees taste every product they sell to ensure the finest quality.

Much of Salumeria Italiana’s products are imported directly from Italy. The grocery prides itself on its vast selection of cured meats, cheeses, olive oils, and pasta from many different Italian regions. Customers from Italy will feel transported back home. And those curious to try real authentic Italian food will find everything they need to get started here.

But you need not be in Boston to enjoy Salumeria Italiana’s food. The grocery has a brisk online business and will ship anything in the store to your door within two days.

Watch the video and savor the fine, classically Italian food found at Salumeria Italiana. Made on (mt).

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