Helms Workshop

You don’t know where your path’s going to land when you get into this industry. I think we’ve been really fortunate to work on stuff that we love.

– Christian Helms, Helms Workshop Founder and Creative Director

Artist Christian Helms is the owner and founder of the award-winning Helms Workshop – a design company that does photo, video, and brand identity work out of their Austin-based studio.

Helms won a graduate studies competition which awarded him an internship at the prestigious New York design firm, Pentagram. Steady work at noted design companies followed. But as Helms’ side-projects started becoming more recognized, he thought the time was right to open his own place. And success proved swift.

Helms Workshop has done work for a diverse array of clients including Hasbro, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and HBO, as well as more up-and-coming brands like Austin Beerworks and Alamo Drafthouse. But as a self-described “music geek at heart,” Helms and his team also enjoy doing design work for bands like Modest Mouse, Spoon and The Hold Steady.

Watch the video and meet the music geek who started his own design studio. Made on (mt).

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