I mean I worked in restaurants in college probably like everybody did, but never had any desire to own one.

– Geoff, Parnter, Frank Hot Dogs and Cold Beer

Geoff, Christian, and Daniel opened a restaurant in Austin after Geoff ate a gourmet hot dog in Chicago and decided that Austin needed a dog as delicious, too.

The three friends and partners opened Frank with the vision of a laid-back restaurant where people could come and eat hot dogs, drink some cold beers, and listen to good music.

In addition to placing an emphasis on quality food and great service, Frank’s brand identity – the look and feel of it – is very design-conscious, as Geoff (The Decoder Ring) and Christian (Helms Workshop) are noted designers in their jobs by day.

Daniel, who says running a restaurant “needs to be in your blood or you’re stupid,” is the only partner with extensive restaurant experience. And, of course, he believes his good friends Geoff and Christian “are stupid.”

Watch the video and meet the men who put their friendship in the hands of a hot dog. Made on (mt).

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