Foreign & Domestic

I can’t imagine doing anything else…If I didn’t own this place, I’d be a cook or a sous-chef for someone.

  • Ned Elliott, Chef/Owner


Raised in a family of foodies, trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, and mentored by legendary chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Doug Psaltis, Chef/Owner Ned Elliott’s journey has led him exactly where he wants to be.

When the time came for Elliott to open his own restaurant, he found the perfect “off the beaten path” location in one of Austin’s homey residential neighborhoods. Now, four years later, Foreign & Domestic is a beloved local gathering place, serving unique seasonal delicacies such as Heirloom Hominy & Root Vegetables with Carrot Butter, Mustard Bucatini with Goat Ragout, and Lockhart Farms Quail — all part of a constantly evolving menu that reflects the entire staff’s passion for fresh flavors, perfectly prepared.

Watch the video, and meet the man who combined French haute cuisine with Midwestern comfort food in the heart of Texas. Made on (mt).

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