Fecal Face

You kind of forget, at times, that there are thousands of people checking it out everyday. I never really think about it until someone randomly comes into the gallery and is really excited about what we’ve been doing over the years. It’s nice to know that people are checking it out and enjoy what they see on the site.

– John Trippe, Founder

John Trippe was working at Thrasher Magazine when he decided he wanted to start his own DIY zine. He named the zine Fecal Face because he thought it was funny. Then he wrote “goofy” stuff for each issue and got his friends to contribute additional photos and artwork. In 2000, Trippe also started the Fecal Face website, teaching himself HTML along the way. The site now features contributors from around the world and is visited by thousands of people per day.

His success inspired Trippe to open a gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District that brings a similar art sensibility to that found in the zine and on the website. It’s also a creative nerve center, hosting several events that bring together artists and admirers of the Fecal Face aesthetic.

Watch the video and meet the creative enthusiast who managed to turn something named Fecal Face into a phenomenon. Made on (mt).

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