Boston Design Center

We have a really large component of our showrooms that are owned by locals and they are here everyday. This is how they make their livelihood, pay their 401K, and their children’s college tuition. So they are very vested in their business, but also makes them very agile.

– Julie Rogowski, VP/General Manager

Julie Rogowski is the vice-president and general manager of Boston Design Center – a vast creative hub in a former munitions building constructed by the government in 1917.

81 individual showrooms representing approximately 1,300 luxury brands and lines are on display at Boston Design, many owned by locals within Boston’s significant design community (half of the top 50 design and architectural firms are within 2.5 miles of the city center, after all).

Boston Design’s core clients may be the architects and designers who visit their showrooms regularly, but social media has enabled Boston Design Center to stay in touch with their consumers, who also visit the immense space to truly experience the look and feel of these luxurious and highly customizable items before they buy – something online shopping can’t offer.

Watch the video and see a thriving design center that showcases the work of Boston’s top designers and architects. Made on (mt).

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