Apr 25, 2017 Cloud Hosting

What's Safer: The Cloud or Your Hard Drive?

What’s scarier: Environmental disasters, cyberattacks, or hardware failure?

That was just one of the many questions posed to over 110 financial industry professionals when polled by Evolve IP. The results of the survey revealed plenty about the direction of financial services in the cloud but also how enterprises both large and small perceive the safety and reliability of the private cloud, the public cloud, and their own data centers.

Here are a few of the major findings:

  • 87% of all financial organizations have at least one service based on the cloud.
  • On average, most financial services have over three of their services powered by the cloud.
  • Almost 88% of the organizations polled will add another cloud service within the next three years.
  • When facing imminent hardware failure, the private cloud was the overwhelming choice (52%) for safety.
  • In the event of a cyber attack, the public cloud felt like the safest place for important data, again with over 50% of the votes.
  • The most common use cases for the cloud were for data centers and Microsoft Exchange / Office.
  • Nearly half of all organization would prefer to outsource their cloud deployment to a managed service provider as opposed to deploying it themselves.

Pick apart the results of the survey here.


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