Oct 12, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Thailand Turns to the Cloud

As APAC’s cloud ambitions continue to grow, the nations that make up the region have been experiencing a radical change in their urban economies. Driven, almost entirely, by the cloud.

Thailand is a perfect example of a country poised to take full advantage of the growing cloud marketplace. A recent Country Diagnostic by the World Bank revealed an economy at a turning point, as the competitive edge it once had over other APAC nations has been lost over the past few years. While the country has a developed macroeconomic environment and a sizable workforce, a lack of competitiveness in the tech sector has stagnated innovation. Amazon Web Services (AWS), sensing opportunity, opened their first Thailand office in 2016 to cater directly to high-tech companies and IT startups. That customer pool expanded in 2017 with a focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are drawn in by AWS’ cost-efficient storage, speed, and artificial intelligence capabilities. Already, major Thai enterprises such as Kaidee.com, Wongnai.com, and EKO Communications have made the move to AWS, with dozens more poised to follow.

Learn more about Thailand’s expanding cloud marketplace on nationmultimedia.com.

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