Aug 3, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Real-life cloud success stories

The flexibility and the power of the cloud has allowed it to take a variety of strategic roles for enterprises. While it may be a cost-cutting mechanism for one organization and a storage solution for another, the cloud is now an integral part of many organizations’ digital transformation. sat down with IT professionals who have led successful cloud integrations to hear their success stories. Almost across the board, the success of their cloud migrations relied on the combination of cross-departmental support and momentum. Merrill Corp, a company that provides secure digital spaces for corporate information, is in the process of moving data from 4500 servers onto the cloud. To do so, they leaned on a close relationship with their public cloud partner to spark the skillset and culture shift required for success. American Airlines, who have migrating their website and mobile app to the cloud, found that kickstarting their cloud migration triggered a cultural resurgence in their IT team, now empowered to deliver modern, cloud-powered apps. And finally, announced that they were “all-in” by migrating half their data (over 8 petabytes!) to AWS. In order to achieve such a dramatic result, they utilized executive and internal support to speed up the process and make AWS a critical part of their business going forward.

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