Aug 11, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Nordic Companies Set Sail for Cloud Success

The public cloud has expanded into a worldwide businesses venture, allowing enterprises to leverage the power of the cloud from the tip of Australia to the heart of Europe. Now, it’s the turn of the burgeoning Nordic enterprise and startup scenes to bet on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their next major expansion.

The Nordic countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are the home of not just some of the largest fintech enterprises in the world but also a blossoming startup culture, all looking not just for massive resources but boosted performance for their apps, sites, and even online games (think Minecraft). And this market is only growing, with Denmark, Finland, and Sweden currently leading the EU in cloud adoption and consumption with no signs of slowing down. That growth resulted in AWS adding their first point-of-presence in Sweden in 2011. Six years later,  three data centers and a local office are about to open in Stockholm. AWS’ CEO Andy Jassy hinted this was just the beginning, as this initial investment could turn into billion-dollar outlay to power some of the world’s most massive enterprises.

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