Jul 25, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Nando's Cheeky Use of the Cloud

Nando’s is a South African restaurant, well known for its peri-peri sauce and Portuguese-style chicken, that is entering its 30th year with over 1,000 restaurants in 30 different countries. While delicious chicken comes naturally for the global enterprise, modernizing their infrastructure is a challenge that Nando’s has only recently embraced in the past three years.

Key to its digital transformation has been migrating their digital presence to the cloud, specifically, Amazon Web Service (AWS). The company was both literally and figuratively tethered to the ground by a self-run data center, located in the back of an actual west London restaurant. Since switching to AWS, Nando’s has taken a multi-pronged, customer-first approach that leverages the accessibility and flexibility of the cloud to reach their multinational customer base. Alongside the data center, the company modernized their website into a robust, globally accessible site that’s filled with products, store locations, and media. AWS also powers their app, which allows customers to order ahead of time and also organize social events all while providing the company with crucial customer data to help build out their next memorable marketing campaign or a new sauce recipe.

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