Apr 20, 2017 Cloud Hosting

The (Infinite?) Flexibility of the Cloud Is A Real Competitive Advantage

Web hosting has come a long way since professionals were creating GeoCities sites in the early 90s. Hosting really came to the marketplace with the availability of shared hosting 20 years ago, soon followed after by the introduction of dedicated servers and virtual private servers. While these hosting choices are great to meet different needs (and different budgets), they all come with their unique restrictions when companies want, for example, to scale data-intensive sites fast and make sure their sites stay up regardless of the traffic they receive. These companies usually turn to the cloud, which provides virtual space on an on-demand, as needed basis and, with it, a whole new range of flexibility and scalability.  

It looks like the next level of flexibility and scalability is already here with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is indeed being added to the cloud mix and some key players are starting to offer cloud-based, resource-intensive AI tools that all-sized companies can leverage to innovate and evolve faster. Case in point: Pinterest, C-SPAN and an Oregon-based brewery are all using the cloud as a competitive advantage to leverage intelligent automation technology.

Read more about it on Bloomberg.

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