Jul 27, 2017 Cloud Hosting

The Hidden Costs in Cloud Migration

Make no mistake: A cloud migration is never a straightforward process. There are pitfalls both in plain sight and waiting in the shadows that can surprise even the most prepared teams. Without the proper mindset or technical understanding, an enterprise can easily wander into a situation that could put them thousands of dollars over budget.

There can be many misunderstood areas that can make the cloud potentially expensive proposition. One major cause is being unable to full grasp the power of the pay-as-you-go model of cloud resources, particularly for data storage and consumption. Without the proper safeguards, an enterprise can start paying for the legendary “endless capacity” cloud storage at the start of migration, particularly when vast chunks of data are dumped onto the cloud server. This is a wholly different experience than on-site data centers, where the investment in resources is capped by the storage capacity of the data center itself. Once the data is migrated and teams begin to access the data, the next step is refactoring the code for pulling data. Individual data requests need to be reconfigured to use less of the database per data pull in order to really activate the cost savings of the cloud. Without these few initial considerations, an enterprise may find itself deep into cloud costs before they even know it.

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