Aug 22, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Got Cloud? - We Asked, You Answered

Over the last couple of months, we reached out to CIOs, CTOs, cloud users, and web developers on Twitter to ask them what they thought about the cloud. Over 9,500 people from all over the world responded to our polls, sharing their perspective on the cloud’s benefits, their concerns, etc.

Now, the results are in. Here’s a brief synopsis of what you told us about the cloud:

  • The vast storage potential of the cloud was overwhelming seen as the greatest benefit, chosen by 54% of respondents. Speed (21%) and security (18%) were far behind, with the stability of the cloud service (9%) coming last.
  • The number one concern of respondents (47%) was overall cloud security – vastly outweighing possible issues in both migrations (20%) and financial costs (24%) combined. Unsurprisingly, application performance (9%) is hardly a worry.
  • The cloud, despite still being considered a difficult choice (28%), was overwhelmingly perceived as the future (44%).  



Thanks to everyone for participating! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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