Jan 17, 2018 Cloud Hosting

Diagnosing a Mismanaged Cloud Environment

Despite common myth and perception, unlocking the true potential of the cloud takes more than just will and desire. Without the proper expertise and experience, it’s surprisingly common for a cloud environment to be mismanaged to the point of sickness.

Fortunately, there are plenty of warnings that show the telltale signs of a mismanaged cloud environment. For starters, a spike in weekly costs is a great indication something went wrong momentarily, but a monthly (or longer) surge in cloud spending is a clear indication of a cloud service that has begun to spiral out of control. When the cloud’s famous pay-as-you-go model begins costing more than expected, it’s a clear sign to reconfigure the environment and analyze what resources are underused, unused, or overused. Security issues are also a telltale sign for a “sick” environment, as frequent security breaches, the creation of unsecure environments, and infrequent audits can create more headaches than they’re worth. With common security standards like PCI, CIS, and HIPAA has become the norm, keeping up with the security Joneses should be a top priority.


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