Dec 20, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Cloud Trends to Look For in 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, let’s take a look at what is in store for cloud users in 2018.

1: Edge Computing – Currently, a vast chunk of enterprise-generated data is created or processed inside a data center or a private cloud. But as more processing power is needed, it only makes sense to utilize the cloud to handle the data processing while the analysis and implementation from these learnings will be done locally. Edge computing, which utilizes the cloud to maximize data processing, to come on strong as a cloud use case in 2018.

2: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS – As more small and medium enterprises look for ways to leverage the cloud, there’s an increased marketplace of services and solutions available. It should be no surprise that software as a service (SaaS) is expected to grow 18%, platform as a service (PaaS) up to 32%, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to grow an additional 36% in 2018.

3: IoT This, IoT That – It’s here (again). The Internet of Things has seeped into consumer consciousness, in some cases becoming an essential selling point. But in 2018, IoT devices will really shine when backed by cloud-powered machine learning/AI and advanced analytics, providing valuable insights for consumers and enterprises worldwide.

4: Security in the Cloud Wild West – Security may be less of a concern for cloud users than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a solved problem. If anything, the highly-public cloud breaches in 2017 have shown there’s no silver bullet for a security nightmare. Security in 2018 wont be just based on the software in place but also the overall health of the IT environment, with recovery just as important as the defenses in place.

5: It’s a Hybrid Cloud World – A curious mix of private cloud and/or public cloud with an  on premise solutions is often times the first (yet often times the most challenging) step for most organizations when it comes to expanding their online presence. It’s no surprise, then, that Gartner predicts that by 2020, over 90% of organizations will adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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