Jun 8, 2017 Cloud Hosting

A Cloud-Based Internet of Things Is Here

The cloud has reached such a point of maturity that the services that come with it are just as important as the cloud’s main benefits themselves. Like so many industries, new features that started as mere bells and whistles have evolved into key selling points.

Amazon is hoping that’s the case with their new service, AWS Greengrass. Launched on June 8, AWS Greengrass caters to enterprises that hope to rely on AWS to power the infrastructure for their Internet of Things (IoT) services. Leveraging the power of AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, essential code can be executed locally, perform actions in near real-time, and message nearby devices without having to reconnect to the cloud. This makes life simpler for developers who need devices to talk to each other without pushing data to and from the cloud data centers.

Dirk Didascalou, VP of IoT at Amazon Web Services, provided his thoughts:

“By embedding AWS Lambda and AWS IoT capabilities in connected devices, AWS Greengrass gives customers the flexibility to have devices act locally on the data they generate while using the AWS Cloud for management, analytics, and storage – all using a single, familiar AWS programming model.”

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