Oct 5, 2017 Cloud Hosting

A Cloud-Based Internet of Things Is Here

The cloud has reached such a point of maturity that the services that come with it are just as important as the cloud’s main benefits themselves. Like so many industries, new features that started as mere bells and whistles have evolved into key selling points. 

Amazon is hoping that’s the case with their multi-prong Internet of Things (IoT) cloud offerings. For a everyday user, their popular Dash Button service is a perfect example of IoT technology invading their households. This technology is also available for IoT developers, who can program rules into the button to do daily tasks (like open a garage door or as a Netflix remote) or trigger Node.js, Python, or Java scripts in an AWS instance. Amazon Greengrass brings the concept of their popular AWS Lambda functions into the IoT sphere, allowing connected devices to transmit encrypted, authenticated data when called upon.  Even better: All of this can be managed from their IoT platform, allowing developers to manage thousands if not millions of connected devices from one central hub. The power of this technology has had an immediate impact across multiple industries, as traditional machine-powered tasks like harvesting grain, assembly lines, have become automated ecosystems of devices that talk exclusively to each other. The cloud-connected city of the future may not just be around the corner – it may be here, ensuring you make the next stoplight.

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