May 23, 2017 Cloud Hosting

Atlassian Leverages AWS to Power Their European Cloud

In what appears to be a common trend in 2017, cloud-based companies have found a burgeoning market of European enterprises who need access to zippy software and technology.

Atlassian, an Australian software company behind the popular project management software JIRA and content-sharing platform Confluence, is undergoing a massive infrastructure overhaul in order to better cater to their European customers. Atlassian has always had a footprint in the European marketplace, yet customers who wanted their software powered by the cloud relied on servers based in the United States. Instead of building their own data centers, the company announced that they would be leveraging AWS to power their expansion across Europe, starting in Ireland. The massive performance gains and ultra-reliability of AWS have already led to tangible results for their larger European customers such as Lufthansa and Virgin Media, with latencies reduced by 300% for their users.   

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