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Victoria Kouyoumjian is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Media Temple.

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Jul 10, 2019 Media Temple Updates
Just What is Managed Hosting?

"Managed” hosting is an overloaded term, with no single company using the same meaning.

Victoria Kouyoumjian
Jul 7, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Your Trusted Cloud Friend: The AWS Management Console

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a wealth of services and tools for developing, deploying, securing, and managing apps and services on the cloud.

Victoria Kouyoumjian
Apr 29, 2019 Media Temple Updates
PHP 5.3 Support End-of-Life: June 3, 2019

As of June 3, 2019, Media Temple will no longer support PHP 5.3. With this announcement, any domains using PHP 5.3 in a Media Temple GRID hosting account will automatically be changed to PHP 5.6.

Victoria Kouyoumjian