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Suzanne Scacca is a freelance writer who specializes in web design, SEO, and technology. While most of her days are spent crafting content for company's blogs and websites, she also films courses that show web designers and small business owners how to create search-optimized websites.

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Michael Scott based UX Design
Sep 8, 2021 Design + Creative
Michael Scott Blunders That’ll Teach You to Be a Better UX Designer

In The Office, Michael Scott’s employees almost always gave in to his bad behavior, hissy fits, insensitivity, and so on.

Suzanne Scacca
Aug 11, 2021 Web Hosting
Must-have WooCommerce Extensions That Will Help Your Clients Sell More

Let’s face it: The bar has been set insanely high for businesses that want to sell their goods and services online.

Suzanne Scacca
Jul 20, 2021 Web Hosting
Is Your Site Ready to Graduate from Shared Hosting But Not Ready for VPS Yet?

Web hosting has an important role to play in the performance of a website. Choose the right plan and you won’t have to worry much about things like speed, security, and uptime for your clients’ websites.

Suzanne Scacca
Jul 13, 2021 Design + Creative
Emojis in Web Design? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you talk to someone in person, non-verbal cues like a smile or a relaxed posture can tell you a lot about the meaning and emotion behind what they’re saying.    On websites, we don’t always have that luxury.   We do our best to build sites that appeal to the target audience, and writers do their best to convey the right tone, personality, and intent through their words.

Suzanne Scacca
Jul 1, 2021 Design + Creative
What Makes Consumers Love Some Retro Logos and Not Others?

Calling something “dated” is usually a bad thing. Like you’d probably be a little hurt if someone called your hairstyle or sofa dated.  But what makes one thing dated and another retro?

Suzanne Scacca
Jun 16, 2021 Web Hosting
4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade a Client to VPS Hosting

It's common for businesses to outgrow shared hosting. How do you ensure the sites you've built for a client run their best?

Suzanne Scacca
Jun 4, 2021 Design + Creative
How to Steer Clients from Bad Design Choices

What do you do if a client has an outdated logo they want to use? Learn how to deal with clients’ bad taste the right way.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration of overlapping outlines of hands in rainbow colors reaching up.
May 21, 2021 Design + Creative
Creative Ways to Choose More Inclusive Imagery for Websites

Your site's imagery gives people something to relate to, connect with, and trust.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration of a meter labeled "speed" in front of a three-dimensional representation of a web page.
May 11, 2021 Web Development + Tech
Should You Deactivate Your WordPress Caching Plugin?

The WordPress caching plugin you're using could actually be slowing down your website.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration: A gear with leaves + a globe with a heart
Apr 29, 2021 Design + Creative
Sustainable Web Design: 4 Easy Ways to Contribute to a Greener Planet

Want to ensure that your web design choices aren’t unintentionally dirtying up the planet?

Suzanne Scacca
An illustration of a scribble moving its way through the silhouettes of several heads before forming into a lightbulb
Apr 16, 2021 Design + Creative
Remove Distractions and Waste from Your Website

As digital detoxing becomes a priority, web designers should adjust how websites are built.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration of the outline of a web browser over a soft-hued geometric pattern
Apr 1, 2021 Design + Creative
How NOT to Bore Website Visitors When Using a Calmer Color Palette

What do you do to grab visitors' attention when the trend is to use calmer color palettes?

Suzanne Scacca
Mar 4, 2021 Work + Life
5 Client Onboarding Tools for Web Designers

Having a hard time wrangling everything you need from new clients? In this guide, we’ll share 5 time-saving onboarding tools every web designer should be using.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration of figures stacking 7 puzzle pieces in front of gears
Feb 23, 2021 Web Development + Tech
7 Essential WordPress Plugins for a New Client’s Website

Plugins help web designers easily add features to a WordPress site. These 7 plugins will be essential for every one of them you build.

Suzanne Scacca
Illustration of a woman cutting a document with the word "Tax" printed on it.
Feb 12, 2021 Work + Life
20 Tax Deductions for Web Designers and Developers

Want to get a bigger tax refund this year? Use this 20-point checklist of tax deductions to maximize your return.

Suzanne Scacca