Suzanne Scacca

Suzanne Scacca is a freelance writer who specializes in web design, SEO, and technology. While most of her days are spent crafting content for company's blogs and websites, she also films courses that show web designers and small business owners how to create search-optimized websites.

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Michael Scott based UX Design
Sep 8, 2021 Design + Creative
Michael Scott Blunders That’ll Teach You to Be a Better UX Designer

In The Office, Michael Scott’s employees almost always gave in to his bad behavior, hissy fits, insensitivity, and so on.

Suzanne Scacca
Aug 11, 2021 Web Hosting
Must-have WooCommerce Extensions That Will Help Your Clients Sell More

Let’s face it: The bar has been set insanely high for businesses that want to sell their goods and services online.

Suzanne Scacca
Jul 20, 2021 Web Hosting
Is Your Site Ready to Graduate from Shared Hosting But Not Ready for VPS Yet?

Web hosting has an important role to play in the performance of a website. Choose the right plan and you won’t have to worry much about things like speed, security, and uptime for your clients’ websites.

Suzanne Scacca
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