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What Should You Learn Next as a Web Design Business Owner? Five Recommendations

One of the most important realizations when working in the digital field is that you can never stop learning. Digital (as a concept) is in a constant state…

What Is Digital Transformation and Should You Care?

The term digital transformation is increasingly creeping into the boardrooms of businesses both big and small. Finally, there is a realization at the top of many organizations that…

Do Developers Influence the User Experience More Than Designers?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t find job advertisements for user experience developers? For that matter, why do designers monopolize improving the experience of users?

It is not like designers are the only people who impact the user experience. After all, the user experience is not the same thing as the user interface. The user’s experience is affected by many things beyond the interface.

6 Reasons You Can Never Trust Users!

To understand users, we cannot take what they say at face value. We need to dig deeper into how they think and what they truly need. Increasingly organisations…

What is design thinking? Is it really a thing?

There is a new business buzzword in town. From the board rooms of IBM to General Electric, executives are talking about this mysterious new business methodology called design…

Twelve Practical Ways To Become More User-centric

The online world is rapidly evolving. Web users are demanding more. The web has given so many new choices that web users now demand options that may have never…

Are You Wasting The Time of Your Users to Save Yourself?

Often we make decisions as digital professionals that waste the time of users. Decisions we justify because we have limited time and budget. But is it a price worth paying?

Taking the Plunge

Let’s be honest. Going freelance or setting up your own agency isn’t the utopia we all thought it would be. We thought it would give us more time…

The Future of the Digital Agency

Are we doomed? Is the proverbial parrot dead, or is it just resting? Are we currently witnessing the demise of the digital agency?

Attracting and Retaining Good Digital Staff

Recruiting good digital employees feels like a nature documentary. It is beginning to become a jungle out there! Although there is no shortage of candidates, the good ones are much in demand and you can become pretty desperate.

Are You Considering Your Clients’ Experience?

As user experience designers, we are hypocrites. We lecture our clients about the need to consider the experience of their users, yet we fail to apply the same standards to our own business.