Matt Ransford

Matt Ransford is the product owner for Media Temple's managed services on AWS and is a certified AWS solutions architect. He has led digital initiatives at national agencies and fortune 500 companies, like Hasbro and Viacom.

Posts By Matt

Jun 6, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Why the CIA Trusts AWS Security ... and Why You Should Consider It, Too

In 2013, the CIA signed a huge 10-year deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services.

Matt Ransford
May 22, 2019 Cloud Hosting
So you're thinking about moving a legacy application to AWS ...

There are many questions about making the transition to move a legacy application to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, and Media Temple can help you with the decision and the journey to migrate.

Matt Ransford
Apr 23, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Don’t Let Cost or Security Concerns Slow Down Your Cloud Journey

In this article, Media Temple examines why cloud costs and security are legitimate concerns, but also why they should not be constraints to public cloud adoption, especially since there are best practices and tools to mitigate the risks.

Matt Ransford
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