Mike Martens

Mike Martens is a writer and photographer who makes words happen for Media Temple’s UX and Creative teams. Over the past decade, he’s crafted copy across every medium for a laundry list of iconic brands. Meanwhile, his photographic pursuits have taken him from documenting The Moth storytellers to creating a $25,000 digital Holga camera.

Posts By Mike

Illustration of web hosting servers
Aug 13, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Determining Your Ideal Server Size: Which Package is Right for Me

Selecting a hosting package that suits the scale of your projects – with the right power and scalability – is vital to keeping sites running quickly and consistently.

Mike Martens
Aug 5, 2020 Web Development + Tech
20 of the Best Tech Industry Publications

Stay up to date on news, analysis, and trends with these publications covering every facet of the tech industry.

Mike Martens
Agency Webinar
Jul 7, 2020 Media Temple Updates
Agency Panel Webinar Replay: The New Pitch Process

Join us to learn how business pitches have changed in response to COVID-19. What will it take to win your next piece of business?

Mike Martens
Media Temple’s Agency Bundle – A Deluxe Hosting Experience for Your Clients
Jul 1, 2020 Media Temple Updates
Media Temple’s Agency Bundle – A Deluxe Hosting Experience

In talking with our agency customers, one thing consistently comes up: The desire to get more granular technical tasks off an agency’s plate, with the confidence that the client will still be 100% happy with the technical performance.

Mike Martens
Apr 29, 2020 Design + Creative
Eight Essential Tips for Extended Remote Work

By now, you’ve likely made the basic adjustments to working remotely: You’ve got the essential software installed, you’re starting to understand the point of Slack, and you can even meme yourself with Zoom backgrounds.

Mike Martens
Oct 22, 2019 Design + Creative
3 Advances in Web Design, and Why We Embraced Them

This summer, Media Temple launched a dramatic change in our web presence. The design certainly looks different than 2018, and there’s a lot that’s working differently under the hood as well.

Mike Martens
Oct 8, 2019 Media Temple Updates
How Your Agency Can Benefit from Media Temple

The less time an agency can spend explaining what it’s trying to do, the more time it can spend doing it.

Mike Martens
Sep 25, 2019 Media Temple Updates
The Whats and Hows of Media Temple Support

If there’s one thing that Media Temple’s most known for, it’s our customer support – a team of smart, friendly people up to solving problems 24/7/365.

Mike Martens
Dec 4, 2017 Design + Creative
A Primer on Koken: the Photographer’s CMS

Your photo portfolio, made easy Getting a portfolio right is hard to do. Choosing the best examples of your work is an aesthetic battle of attrition with yourself.

Mike Martens