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Matt is Brand Ambassador and Support Guru at He's the author of many free WordPress plugins, a popular blogger at his website, an admin of the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, co-organizer of the San Diego WordPress Meetup, and a WordCamp speaker and frequent attender.

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Oct 18, 2016 Web Development + Tech
Responsibly Updating your WordPress Website

This article is intended to help you understand a bit about what WordPress updates are, how they relate to Plugin and Theme updates, and, most importantly, how to update your WordPress sites without causing havoc.

Matt Cromwell
Feb 11, 2016 Design + Creative
Best Practices in WordPress: Image Management

I wouldn’t be surprised if most WordPress users imagine their Media Library as being no different than a teenagers closet: A giant pile of disorganization, a haystack housing thousands of needles.

Matt Cromwell
Jun 16, 2015 Web Development + Tech
Best Practices: Why and How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

I’m the proud father of three adorable, brilliant, and yet also terrible and uncontrollable children.

Matt Cromwell
Apr 20, 2015 Web Development + Tech
A Primer on Building Your WordPress Website with Best Practices

If you’re a sci-fi fan or a fan of 80’s movies in general, then you know that 2015 is a special year: We’re supposed to have hover boards this year!

Matt Cromwell