John Saddington

John Saddington is a blogger and software developer based i​​n​ the​ ​San Francisco, California. He is generally obsessed with all-things writing. He writes on his personal blog and created the intuitive desktop publishing app, Desk. He also ​leads product and communications for a local SFO startup, Assembly​.

Posts By John

Nov 25, 2015 Web Development + Tech
A Quick (Yet Functional) Intro to Shortcodes in WordPress

Let’s start off with a bit of history, shall we? Shortcodes were first introduced to WordPress in version 2.5 (way back in March of 2008) so they’ve been around for a while.

John Saddington
Jul 28, 2015 Web Development + Tech
Refining and Reflecting on Your Personal List of Tools

Time is our most valuable and, unfortunately, most limited resource. Every single day, we fight and scrape to maximize our time in a way that’s beneficial for our companies, personal businesses, the software that we build, and, most importantly, our personal lives, families, and loved ones.

John Saddington
May 28, 2015 Design + Creative
An Honest Blog Content Strategy

Developing content strategy for any blog can be a challenge, regardless whether it’s for a personal blog or a professional/corporate blog.

John Saddington
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