Emily Parker

Emily Parker is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Media Temple. With a background in product management, Emily has a diverse scope of technology product expertise in industries ranging from medical devices to value-added online marketing services.

Posts By Emily

Aug 22, 2019 Web Development + Tech
Beginning the DevOps Journey

Despite its benefits, adopting DevOps is hard, and many companies struggle to make the transition.

Emily Parker
Jul 29, 2019 Media Temple Updates
Enhanced Security with Amazon GuardDuty on Managed AWS from Media Temple

Managed Services on AWS from Media Temple now supports enhanced security through Amazon GuardDuty, with intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring.

Emily Parker
May 16, 2019 Media Temple Updates
Media Temple Advanced Support provides diagnostics and self-healing

Your sites are one of the keys to the success your business. So any type of outage or disruption can result in serious losses — both with your sales and with customer confidence.  Media Temple’s advanced support by Advanced Support provides diagnostics and self-healing using industry-leading Panopta remediation, so your servers are kept up-and-running.

Emily Parker
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