Eugene Kovshilovsky

Eugene Kovshilovsky, Director of Software Engineering at Media Temple, actively leads his teams to produce products using Agile software development practices with open source technologies. His previous experience includes working with highly available, scalable, geo-distributed systems in the digital security, financial technology, and gaming industries.

Posts By Eugene

Aug 23, 2016 Web Development + Tech
Caching Your Way to a Faster Website

Caching is one of those terms that has seemingly been around since the dawn of computer age.

Eugene Kovshilovsky
Nov 5, 2015 Web Development + Tech
Life in Code Review (or what it takes to build a quality product) - Part 1

Throughout my career, I have been asked the same question: “What are you looking for when you review someone’s code?” A few things always immediately pop into my head, such as inconsistent code formatting or over commenting.

Eugene Kovshilovsky