Eddie Jauregui

Eddie Jauregui is the Manager of the Customer Success team for Media Temple's managed services on AWS and is a certified AWS solutions architect. He makes it his personal mission to deliver simplicity-as-a-service while helping customers grow their cloud footprint.

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AWS Compliance
Jan 30, 2020 Cloud Hosting
How AWS Helps with the Compliance Process

Compliance regulations are some of the most important guidelines your organization needs to meet.

Eddie Jauregui
Jan 8, 2020 Cloud Hosting
Cloud-Native CI/CD Workflows in AWS: 3 Use Cases

AWS is one of the cloud computing providers that offers production-ready CI/CD services.

Eddie Jauregui
Dec 4, 2019 Cloud Hosting
AWS Cost Management Tools

Last week, we explored the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of cost. Today, we’ll explore the usage of management tools that can help you take control of your AWS bill.

Eddie Jauregui