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The Complete Beginners Guide to Cron, Part 2

Welcome back to our beginners guide of the popular Unix tool, cron. If you missed part one where we introduced this tool, never fear, it’s right here. We…

The Complete Beginners Guide to Cron, Part 1

Cron is one of the most popular and basic utilities found on Unix systems. Combined with other tools, cron makes it exceptionally easy to automate a broad range of tasks on your server.

The Many Uses of Rsync

Originally created in 1996, rsync (or “remote sync”) is a versatile file copying utility for unix based systems. For most admins, this is their bread and butter. Rsync…

Supercharging Apache

Originally released in 1995, the Apache web server is a true Internet old-timer. Of course it’s true that newer, more nimble open-source web servers have come along in the last twenty years—you’re probably familiar with Nginx—but Apache still operates on the lion’s share of servers worldwide, with most estimates pegging its stake at 40-50% of all web-facing servers.