Jason McVearry

Jason McVearry is a user-first marketing professional focused on developing partnerships, curating and creating content and growing brands through meaningful user interaction. Jason has been working at (mt) Media Temple for more than a decade helping to shape the brand, owns a small, popular food business in Venice Beach, CA and has spent an excessive amount of time in the ocean.

Posts By Jason

Sep 10, 2014 Media Temple Updates
*UPDATE* Happy 16th Birthday Media Temple!

What were you doing 16 years ago on the internet? Obviously, I’m referring to those of you that weren’t 2 at the time.

Jason McVearry
Jul 29, 2014 Design + Creative
8 Faces: A Retrospective with Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks has been working in the design industry for the better part of a decade.

Jason McVearry
Jul 3, 2014 Customer Spotlights
Summer Tomato

Portrait by Peter Samuels. How did Summer Tomato get started?

Jason McVearry
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