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Alec Rojas has written articles for various online outlets about everything from technology trends to art criticism and has interviewed creatives from all around the world.

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Dec 15, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Meet AWS Comprehend, Transcribe, and Translate

In the battle for cloud domination, the major cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) are seemingly locked in an arms race to provide users with speed, flexibility, functionality, and all the bells and whistles they could possibly want.

Alec Rojas
Dec 14, 2017 Web Development + Tech
Our Favorite Podcasts of 2017

Boagworld – User experience, as a concept, evolves on seemingly a weekly basis.

Alec Rojas
Nov 30, 2017 Cloud Hosting
AWS Data Migration 101: Common Concerns Demystified

In this infographic, we try do demystify some common concerns that enterprises might have around migrating their mission-critical sites or apps to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Alec Rojas
Nov 27, 2017 Cloud Hosting
In the Cloud, Location Matters

The cloud’s reputation for improved performance and massive speed gains is a key driver for many enterprises to bring their mission-critical sites and apps to the cloud.

Alec Rojas
Nov 14, 2017 Cloud Hosting
A Brief History of Amazon Web Services: 2003 to Today

It all began with a 30-minute thought exercise at Jeff Bezos’ house in 2003.

Alec Rojas
Nov 13, 2017 Cloud Hosting
The Best Ways to Use AWS Lambda

When an enterprise decides to move to the cloud, they are often lured by the speed, flexibility, or elasticity of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) 50+ services.

Alec Rojas
Nov 8, 2017 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Zookeeper

Creative and digital design agencies often take the “anything, everything” approach to creative work.

Alec Rojas
Nov 2, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Matching AWS Services to Use Cases

For most enterprises and startups, the cloud’s seemingly limitless potential has made it an essential business resource.

Alec Rojas
Oct 29, 2017 Media Temple Updates
Made Like It Matters Contest - 11/29 UPDATE - Congrats to Our Winners!

  Since day one, we have been our customers number one fans. From large scale campaigns to their own personal websites or even their doodle books, the amazing level of creative energy that Media Temple customers bring to their work is unrivaled.

Alec Rojas
Oct 18, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Are Marketing Clouds an Agency’s Friend or Foe?

Be it creative tools or social media platforms, digital agencies are constantly integrating new software solutions to stay at ahead of the competition.

Alec Rojas
Oct 12, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Thailand Turns to the Cloud

As APAC’s cloud ambitions continue to grow, the nations that make up the region have been experiencing a radical change in their urban economies.

Alec Rojas
Oct 5, 2017 Cloud Hosting
A Cloud-Based Internet of Things Is Here

The cloud has reached such a point of maturity that the services that come with it are just as important as the cloud’s main benefits themselves.

Alec Rojas
Sep 26, 2017 Web Development + Tech
How Will WordPress Be Built in the Future?

One of the largest benefits of WordPress is that the content management system (CMS) remains an open-source project that relies on community contributions to ensure not just modernized code but the best contemporary user experience.

Alec Rojas
Sep 21, 2017 Web Development + Tech
Embracing the Low-Code Revolution

The cloud is an integral part of the modern enterprise’s technology stack, prompting DevOps teams to find new ways to not only optimize their time but also maximize their organization’s investment in the cloud.

Alec Rojas
Sep 7, 2017 Cloud Hosting
Financial and Healthcare Giants Find Safety in the Cloud

Naturally, security should be top-of-mind for any enterprise looking to launch a site or app on the cloud.

Alec Rojas
Aug 31, 2017 Cloud Hosting
A Brief History of AWS

Sometimes, it can feel like the ~$120 billion cloud industry emerged out of thin air, seemingly overnight.

Alec Rojas