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June 6, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Why the CIA Trusts AWS Security … and Why You Should Consider It, Too security for your AWS implementation, and in this article, we discuss some of the key issues that a cloud security policy should address, and then describe the AWS security...

October 7, 2020 Cloud Hosting
How Does AWS Protect Your Online Security?

...(DDoS) attack protection. Automatic investigation of potential security problems. Remediate Remediate encompasses security events that automatically defend the network, strengthening security across your AWS environment. All AWS cloud security is...

September 12, 2019 Cloud Hosting
All About AWS Advanced Security Services

...quickly remediate—or even preempt—them. This article describes AWS’s advanced security services and how it provides a level of security for data and apps when used strategically with the AWS security...

November 13, 2019 Cloud Hosting
AWS Building Blocks: Developer Tools

...Academy DevOps Engineering on AWS, Global Knowledge AWS Developer: Building on AWS, edX Build a Serverless Application with AWS CodeStar and AWS Cloud9, AWS   As an AWS Advanced Consulting...

August 12, 2020 Cloud Hosting
A to Z Definitions for AWS

...Xen and KVM for this purpose, now uses Nitro. AWS DEFINITIONS: I AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) An AWS service that lets the customer create identities (could be groups,...

July 7, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Your Trusted Cloud Friend: The AWS Management Console

...the AWS Management Console, a free-of-charge web-based app for single-pane management of AWS accounts, services, and users. In some Regions, the AWS Console is also available as a mobile app....

January 30, 2020 Cloud Hosting
How AWS Helps with the Compliance Process

...their customers are responsible for. AWS Responsibilities AWS is responsible for the infrastructure security of the cloud. Their security policies, processes, and technology are designed to protect all services offered...

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