Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Museum Worthy GIFs

Creative director and (mt) partner Tim Nolan launched a project that consists of 90’s inspired GIFs. It’s called “Cache Monet”, and the nostalgia will be almost too much to handle for you old school web pros.


Collection of Awesome HTML5 Sites

Brought to you by Designer Ledger, for you to ogle at and/or be inspired by. Even though one of them is a McDonalds page – which does get bonus points for having a game that reminds us of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64.


Sneak Peek Of Redesigned (mt) Website

That’s right – the (mt) site has been redesigned & is relaunching SOON! We’ve been working with the talented folks at DKNG Studios, and their illustration shots have been a big hit on Dribbble.


The Inner Workings Of The Z-Index Property

Do you ever put a lot of thought into the z-index property values that you assign? After reading this tutorial, you definitely will. There’s a whole science to it.


The NoFlo Development Environment aims to “make code more playful” by incorporating collaboration and visual programming. Read about the origin of the project and its evolving – and beautiful – UI.